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Creative minds are fascinating. When I am given the opportunity to speak with artists, sometimes I am completely selfish and ask them questions that I personally need the answers to. Thankfully, Justin Osborne was gracious enough to answer my questions, even though it was a bit of a sensitive subject.

During our conversation, Osborne explained how SUSTO was birthed. Describing the member’s diversity was intriguing. Their ability to come together and create great songs with masterful videos is exciting for their many fans, friends, and family.

Their video for “Chillin’ On The Beach With My Best Friend Jesus Christ” is a fun video that has a lighthearted message to everyone and is not meant in an offensive way at all. On the contrary, the video promotes unity among us, as we all walk a different path. The video captures the fun and unique personality of the band members themselves.

While talking with Osborne, we got serious about an on location video he made during his time in Cuba. Though he was surprised I had seen this video, he spoke openly about its emotional content. Listen to our full conversation now to fully understand what took place.

There is so much to this band that Center Stage Magazine was fortunate enough to see during Stagecoach Festival 2016. Check out a sneak peek of their bio (taken from their website) below.

“SUSTO is the brainchild of Justin Osborne. It was born out of the collaboration between Osborne & various colleagues including but not limited to Johnny Delaware, Wolfgang Zimmerman, Jordan Hicks, Nicholas Scott Woodley & Camilo Miranda. These collaborations took place between 2011 & 2013 in Charleston & Havana.

Early writing & recording for SUSTO began in late 2011.

In early 2013 Osborne began performing solo in South Carolina & Cuba under the name of SUSTO. By August of that year, SUSTO was performing as a full band. In addition to Osborne covering rhythm guitar, keyboards, & lead vocals -- this line-up included Taylor McCleskey on drums, Eric Mixon on bass and Johnny Delaware on lead guitar & background vocals.

By early 2014 the debut self-titled album was finalized & subsequently released by Osborne & Delaware's label Peninsula Records on April Fool's Day (04/01/2014).”

This band is full of talent. Please continue to support them by following them on social media and sharing them with your friends and family. Check out their website for new tour dates, music, videos and more. ~Missy


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