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On June 6, 2016, I had the wonderful opportunity to have another conversation with an artist I am truly enamored with, Ryan DeSiato. His caring heart and mind full of creativity intrigue me. While scrolling through Facebook one morning, I came across his release of “Ethereal Morning” and it caught my immediate attention.

As an instrumental song I was completely taken back by how stunningly beautiful it is. Maybe it is the place in life I am currently in, but the emotion that poured out of me while listening to this song was intense and unexpected. I knew I needed to talk with him about this.

DeSiato agreed to have another conversation with me about this release and all he has coming up in 2016. I could not wait to hear all he had to say. The way this man thinks is very intriguing. His thoughts and words are powerful and enlightening. He is also a very humble soul that is quick to give others credit for who they are. I do not want to give it all away and frankly my words could never do this artist justice, so please listen to our conversation now and get to know this man’s brilliance. His ability to translate so many emotions and stories into each song he creates is a gift from GOD. I could listen to him all day.

Do not just take my word for it. Listen to him for yourself. Start with our conversation, then listen to his music and allow your mind to take it all in while your emotions take over. To help you get to know him, check out his bio (taken from his website) below.

“Ryan DeSiato (Deh-See-auto) is a singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist from Austin, Texas. His hallmark style is a mixture of modern singer-songwriter rock, world music, folk and improvisation. This blending of musical style has earned him the moniker ‘Neo Singer-Songwriter’ to help define his multifaceted genre of music.

Ryan works in many capacities with other Austin artists and regional Texas acts as well as performing live solo shows and playing with a rotating cast of world-class band mates. Over the course of his career, Ryan performed both nationally and internationally.

His discography consists of two albums, EP 2004 and 2005’s Double Edged. In 2005, Ryan produced the award-winning video for his single Make Believe. It was nominated and won ‘Video of the Year’ by the Austin Music Network.

After a brief hiatus, Ryan is back working on his most ambitious project to date. He is the sole producer, songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer of his first full-length album.

The new album titled So Much For Innocence is scheduled for release in late 2015-2016.

“Without a doubt the last few years away from the spotlight have brought forth exponential artistic growth in all aspects of my abilities.”

"So Much For Innocence has been a labor of love and a deep exploration into my artistic capacity. This project led me across the boundaries of many styles in the process of its creation.  The new album is a reflection of all my musical influences."

This socially conscious album expresses Ryan’s hopefully, yet realistic interpretation of where the world is now. It exposes his raw personal experience from matters of the heart to the existential searching within all of us.

From a vocal perspective, this album delves into all facets of Ryan’s rich Bari-tenor. The album explores his vocal talents, songwriting and instrumental abilities with hints of technologically progressive production.

So Much For Innocence is an exploration into what I know to be complete and authentically mine, having recorded this album in 3 separate studios and all the vocals in my home studio, this album is intimately personal to me.”

He is as timeless as tradition, as immediate as tomorrow’s headlines, and as essential as any artist who seeks to enlighten.”

Please go check out his website, sign up to be a power fan, download his music and stay tuned for his latest release and upcoming shows. Follow him on social media and share him with your friends. Tell him I sent you. I know you are going to love all the passion this man puts into his work. ~Missy


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