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Occasionally, a friend will send an extremely talented artist my way. Ryan DeSiato is no exception. Thanks to MJ Johnson, I have been fortunate enough to not only listen to his soothing and undeniably emotional voice, I was also able to have one of the most real conversations I have had in a very long time. 

DeSiato is a very passionate artist that is using his God given talent to bring entertainment to everyone he can. His lyrics are intimate and personal, creating stories that are relatable to those who listen to them. His new and first full length album So Much For Innocence (click to preview) has been a labor of love for DeSiato. Recorded in three separate studios and produced by DeSiato himself, this new album, due out the fourth quarter of 2016, is sure to make a lasting impression on his fans. 

With his previous two EP's (2004, Double Edged), I was under the impression that this newest project would in fact be his third. I was wrong. Find out why by listening to our extremely sensitive conversation. I was not only touched by this story, I was filled with heartbreak, happiness and an overwhelming sense of appreciation. 

We spoke about many things during our conversation, but one of my favorite moments was our conversation about his new niece, Emilia. Just as he did with his oldest niece Stella, DeSiato sat with Emilia and played his music for her for the first time. This beautifully stunning moment was captured on film for all to see by the talented Jeana Marino. Marino is not only an outstanding photographer, she is DeSiato's true love. Sorry ladies, this keeper is already spoken for. 

Stay tuned for more on this artist that has so much to offer the music world. Center Stage Magazine will be catching up with him six months from now for a special on-camera follow up conversation. Be sure to follow him on social media as well. Listen, like and share his music with your friends and loved ones. They will thank you for it. ~Missy



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