CMA Fest Artist Spotlight: Cody Wickline

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Next up for our CMA Fest Artist Spotlight is the extremely talented Cody Wickline. Many of you may know him from his performances as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice. Wickline blew the judges away during his audition, but it was Blake Shelton that Wickline chose to have as his coach.

Though his time on the reality TV show was cut short, his talent has continued to open doors for him. During our conversation, Wickline shared stories with us on where some of those doors have led him. From the wife of George Jones to Darryl Worley and now the Ice Man, Wickline has been living the dream many others are wishing for.

Coming from West Virginia, I knew I needed to give a shout out to a place that Wickline has been known to visit. Our friend over at The Dish Café, Paul Almond, is the one who turned me on to Wickline. I cannot thank him enough for seeking out the information I needed to get in touch with Wickline for this interview. So compliments to the chef on your part in this fantastic interview, along with your amazing kitchen skills. Remember guys, go visit this chef the next time you are in town. Your taste buds will thank you.

When speaking to Wickline, it was easy to see that he is a very thankful and humble artist. His heart is in the right place and he is grateful for all he has accomplished thus far. Speaking to him was such a pleasure for Center Stage Magazine as we could not help but smile knowing he has such a genuine and kind soul. His boyish smile and somewhat shy demeanor was very sweet and inviting. Still it is his level of talent that impressed me. I had to ask him if there was anyone he would love to play on stage with, and his response did not surprise me. Willie Nelson is one of the last of the greats and it would definitely be a great show to see him and Wickline perform together. All of us at Center Stage Magazine want to see this happen.

The fans at Alley Taps were on their feet dancing and singing along to his stellar performance. Everyone was elated. Good things happen when people are feeling happy and euphoric. Wickline put on an outstanding show for everyone. Do yourself a favor and get to know him now. Watch our full conversation, follow him on social media and check out his website to stay tuned for more. ~Missy


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