"Monsters" by Coat Check Girl

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You may remember my conversation with Coat Check Girl's very own Andre Rodriguez. Coat Check Girl has been rocking Los Angeles since 2014. Since their debut single "Time", these guys have been playing shows all over Southern California and Florida. The singer of this Los Angeles quartet contacted me to review their latest single "Monsters" set to release Thursday, May 5, 2016. Not only is Rodriguez the lead vocalist, he also produced the song.

This independent release of "Monsters" will contain a  B-Side of the song called "Monsters [Elevator Mix]". The approach to this song is different than the normal, heavy rock on the original version. Done acoustically instead, I found the B-side to offer more raw emotion within the lyrics. The feelings were deeper, striking the core. Each of the two versions was extremely well done and offer a completely different feel.

Maybe the mood I am in today was easily spoken to through the acoustic version though I can easily see myself rocking out to the normal version in my car with the windows down and the volume up loud while drumming on my dashboard.

"Monsters" is a song that I think many fans will be able to relate to. We all get in our own heads and often let other things inside when we know we should not. Music can be very therapeutic, offering the listener a chance to escape the stress of everyday life. This song can easily take you to another place. 

Overall, this is a song I can easily see being at the top of the charts. People will be eager for more after hearing this latest single. Well done boys. For more on Coat Check Girl please follow them on social media to stay up to date with all the latest news. ~Missy


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