Sasha George ~ A Vampire And Autism Kind Of Morning (Volume1)

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The soft patterned sounds of rainfall droplets breaking apart against the formation edging of our two-toned, brick-colored porch, splattered in light playful tones.  I watched the pour of the water form a thin, continuous curtain veil off the rooftop. This was my forefront view on this cold, rainy Tuesday morning. 

The storm was just setting in just as I was settling in.  With coffee in one hand and artist/author/producer extraordinaire, Sasha George on the phone in the other hand, we said our "Good Mornings," to one another, then quickly jumped into conversation. I was immediately intrigued. Sasha George has so much talent in many different areas of life that she has produced eleven books so far.

It is CRAZY how busy and creative Sasha really is. First off, she is an amazing artist with three remarkably detailed and illustrated books. Her first book Sasha's Innovations quickly became a collector's book and was soon followed by two artistry books, Into the Enchantment (Sasha George Art, Volume One) and The Artist Soul (Sasha George Art, Volume two). 

Sasha George's art really is a must see. I highly recommend it. Her illustrations are so beautifully intricate with very vivid details. You cannot just look at it once and soak in all the details.  She has a way about her art that will make you want to go back and look at it, again and again, to see what you missed. 

We also jump into her poetry book Beautifully Broken. The title alone is an attention grabber. However, the faded picture of her staring up, crying, with a chunk of flesh torn from her chest, exposing her deep red heart, is a real scene-stealer. In our audio, you can hear Sasha explain how it really is her art and the reasons behind the start of the first books that led to her creation of the House Of Blood (Vampire) series. There are three books from this series that are out now, and the fourth is near completion. Sasha speaks of mothering this particular style of vampire characters in our one-on-one audio interview, so make sure to check that out.  You will become familiar with all the intriguing information she has on the different projects she is working on or has coming up, and who she will be working with soon. Also, be sure to click on to view her art. 

We spoke about her House of Blood (Vampire) series, beginning with Vampires Remorse (House Of Blood, Volume One). She gives us a quick glimpse into the world of these new vampires. Next is House Of Blood (House Of Blood, Volume Two), where we learn a little more about the “why”. That is followed by The Signs (House Of Blood, Volume Three), and this is where we find out a bit of what is to come. Nearing completion is Magdalena Descendants (House Of Blood, Volume Four). If you click on our audio, you will hear Sasha speak of that book as well. Anything I write, I fear, will not do her vampire characters justice, so I will let you hear Sasha tell you herself.  FYI, she hopes to pitch these books to HBO, Showtime, or perhaps other networks, as a mini-series. Fingers crossed!

Though I have only spoken with this wonderfully talented person just a few times, I was quickly drawn in by all she had to say and how she so eloquently explained her reasoning and feelings for wanting to share her Art with the world, the horrific scare that drives her and the family she is devoted to. 

Her children's book Halloween Witch Fairy and her Children's Autism Storybook Series, Dan and the Apple (Dan's World, Volume One) and Dan and Christmas (Dan's World, Volume Two) are adorably illustrated, and, of course, show her love for her babies and her tender side. With this she has come to realize she needs to take care of herself as well, to be here for them. As a result of changing her life to a much healthier lifestyle, she wrote about her journey in a Healthy Living Book that also happened to get her featured in the Huffington Post last year. 

It is strange. As the storm grew stronger I could not help but harbor a warm feeling as if I now knew Sasha on a different level. It was as if we were no longer strangers, so to speak. Maybe it was due to the similar connections to the autism and writer's world, but after speaking with her, I understood why her loyal readers connect with and adore her. 


All of us at Center Stage Magazine are marveled and honored that the lovely Sasha George has saved an "Exclusive" just for our readers! We posted a teaser previously that had readers responding with anticipation about the news  So for all those loyal readers who have been waiting…………..drum roll, please………….

Sasha George's big reveal is the release of REALM!  A fantastical, brand new Magical series about wizards, fairies, mermaids and more, in very different and dark settings. Though I cannot reveal the details, I can say that she had me full of anticipation to find what will happen next. But in no way would I, be able to explain in the descriptive depth in the manner that Sasha does to do any of it real justice. So, click on our conversation to hear the author tease you in her own words about REALM.  If you are the type of reader, like me, who likes these type of dark fantasy books, then you will be caught up in her words and long to read REALM for yourselves, too.

Now go check out all Sasha's books and tell us what you think. I am Dilly Brigs and for this one, I was taking notes!



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