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"I wouldn't be where I am today without Jesus and Coffee" is the first thing that stood out to me on J. Adam Broome's Twitter feed. I immediately was connected, intrigued and had to know more about this artist. It became abundantly clear during my research that this man is, in fact, a rare find. 

When J. Adam Broome was 12 years old he picked up a guitar for the first time. Was he immediately a rock star? No. He went on with his life, continuing to learn. He even joined the Marine Corps (Thank You). This young man from South Carolina is just not an ordinary man or artist. He is talented, funny, honest and real. During our conversation, we spoke about his social media and he even admits that some of what he says sometimes gets him in trouble! I think many of us have been there. It is what he does with his social media that captivated me. This is his connection to his fans. This is the way he is able to communicate and share his personal and deep feelings with those who support him. This is why he relates to so many fans. This is a beautiful thing to witness.

Writing can be a very therapeutic thing. People keep journals. Songwriters create hits from the personal heartbreak that sometimes are disguised by the artist singing the words. J. Adam Broome is very different. Not only does he sing the lyrics poured onto the paper from his soul, he delivers each of these songs with the very same, real emotions as if reliving it all over again. He told me a story about one of these moments that involved his music video and his mother. He is not afraid to feel and most definitely not afraid to include his fans on this incredible journey.

I found myself watching his YouTube videos one by one. I was enamored by his openness. He tells stories of the feelings that created these songs. He asked fans for help finding the perfect name for one of his tunes and even got very personal while telling all the viewers how that song (later titled by fans as, The Reason I'm Still Here) came to life due to a phone call with his friend Josh Phillips. He Is very honest with his work and who he is. It was so refreshing talking with him about some of these moments.

On Wednesday, December 9, 2015, J. Adam Broome has a new single being released. It is titled Jack and Coke. We spoke about this song and what it means to him. He recently debuted this at a live performance in his hometown and received a very warm reception for it. It is a great song and I could not be happier for him. Make sure you go pre-order it now or download it on December 9, 2015. 

We laughed a few times together during our conversation and it felt as though I was just talking to another friend. I spotted a tattoo on his arm that instantaneously piqued my curiosity. It was not just an ordinary musician tattoo. What I saw was a vintage microphone with a huge story to tell. I asked J about it, and well, I am so glad I did. Please go listen to our conversation now to hear about all this and more. I know you will adore him as much as the staff here at Center Stage does. ~Missy


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