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Whether you are a parent, wife, husband, teacher, student, musician, artist, etc., when you need a break, you need a break. J Adam Broome is an artist that I admire a great deal for recognizing that he needed a break from his music to get back to who he is.

For some, the thought of taking a break is hard. Many a tendency to keep from taking much-needed breaks due to the fear of where that break will lead. Thankfully for Broome, he knew that taking a break was necessary to his overall well-being.

After a year and a half away from his music, Broome has been able to come back to his career with a healthier mind and with stronger skills than ever before. Regaining his gift from GOD, Broome has been able to hear things he overlooked before along with having more involvement in the production of his music.  Knowing what he wants and having a clearer vision, Broome is definitely on his way to claiming his place in the music world once again.

Family and friends have been a huge support to Broome while on this journey. They have stood by and watched their friend and family member heal in the greatest way, through God. I am so proud of where Broome is. Sharing his story takes courage. Listen to the lyrics of "Let It Rain" closely. I found myself in tears while listening to it. It is beautiful and speaks volumes. 

If you have not yet followed Broome, I encourage you to do so now. This artist has come a long way and it is clear he has a message for us all. Part of that message is not giving up. Please take a moment to watch our full conversation and learn more about this brave artist. Let his music speak to your heart and share it with someone you love. ~Missy


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