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It is time for me to double your pleasure with these two identical twins from Atlanta, Georgia. Meet Haley and Alexis. Though these two may look the same, their personalities are very different. These two exquisite girls will leave you with a smile on your face and wanting more after watching them perform. 

I needed to know who was who. We immediately connected as Haley told me she was the girly one that likes things with bling such as her crystal encrusted microphone. We laughed as I told her about my daughter with the same name spelled the same way and how they would definitely get along. The two of them could be related. We also Talked about Alexis, her love for sports and how she became consumed with music after an injury. Listen to our full conversation for all the fun details! 

Their talents combined have earned them credits such as opening for Chase Rice, Parmalee, Dustin Lynch and Mark Chestnut to name a few. Currently, they have a five-song EP on iTunes that includes fun, edgy music with real life lyrics that make you feel deep emotions. Runaway Highway is probably my favorite, but they are all fantastic. Over served is a lot of fun and I just love that one as well. Actually, do yourself a favor and download all of them as they are all equally amazing!

Stay tuned for more from these two on as we will definitely be doing an on-camera conversation for all you awesome fans! Yes, girls, I have just committed you to that along with a lunch/dinner date! Thanks again for taking the time. Now everyone please go listen to our complete conversation then head on over to iTunes through the link I provided to get yourself some exceptional music! ~Missy



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