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In the music world you run into many types of artists. Recently I came across an extremely talented young man named, Rob Carona (Yes it is pronounced like the beer and leaves people searching for the wrong man!). Rob is a man of many talents. One of those talents are writing. The lyrics in his songs leave fans feeling inspired and full of emotion as they relate to the beautiful story or message being told. Rob has even written a book called, "The Songwriter" (available on Amazon). I was very excited to speak with him about this and learning why he wrote it left me with a whole new respect for who he is as an artist and human being.

His newest release, "Drive", is about following your dreams and not giving up. Rob explained that he wrote this song to inspire people to dream. I asked him if that is just something he wanted to do or if there was a more specific reason. The answer he gave me could not have been better. Rob is connected to this song and his audience completely. It is refreshing to me as so often these days many people are told that they will never achieve their dreams. Rob is here to tell you, YES YOU CAN! If you work hard to make your dreams come true, you eventually will. Challenges will always come up; however, it is up to you to stay the course and show everyone you can do anything. 

I had to ask about the video for Drive, and the message he wanted to deliver to the audience. Listen to what he has to say about the filming of the video and what it was like for him. His concept for filming the video was quite brilliant and sure made more than a few people smile. I can not wait for you to hear what he had to say.

Prior to our conversation I found myself watching Rob's videos on his Facebook page. I came across one called "Spark". Immediately I felt this was an amazing capture on film of just simply a rehearsal. I couldn't wait to ask him about it. I asked him if after recording it he was surprised by how it turned out. I think it is an amazing acoustic version of the song and capturing it in this way was even more special, but I will let you decide for yourself after listening to our conversation and watching said video! Rob also has the cutest video of he and his daughter on Facebook. Hands down it was one of the cutest videos I have ever seen and was titled, "Daddy daughter Jam Session". This led to me asking him what his thoughts were on his young daughter wanting to follow in his footsteps. His answer actually surprised me, so be sure to go listen!

Rob Carona will be releasing his latest EP on November 7, 2015, but it can be pre-ordered now on iTunes, which will include an immediate download of the song, "Drive". In addition to that Rob is donating 40% of the proceeds from this EP to Heart Songs for Veterans. I urge you all to go look him up, like him on his social media pages, follow him on twitter, pre-order his EP and check out his YouTube (I have provided all the links). I am forever a fan, now go listen to this incredibly gifted singer! ~Missy



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