Brandon Chase Exclusive Album Preview

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Brandon Chase Exclusive Album Preview


As many of you know Brandon Chase was a contestant on season 5 of the Voice and landed himself on Team Blake. Since competing on the popular T.V.  singing show, Brandon has played several events such as CMA Fest, The Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam and has made several appearances in cities across the United States. Brandon's music is great for putting anyone in a better mood. Many of his songs are fun and upbeat, though his balads are sure to leave you feeling the deepest emotions you posess. I was able to check in with Brandon recently and he was nice enough to give me his exclusive preview album. This preview is a real tease, leaving you wanting more. After hearing the 4 songs included on this album, I was dying to hear more. Overall his pitch is spot on. His vocal range is broad. His tone is perfect. Each song showcases his abilities as a songwriter to deliver powerful and emotional lyrics to the audience, pulling them into each of the stories being told. Brandon includes a piece of himself  in each of his songs. You can feel it as well as hear it. It is breathtaking and beautiful. Here is a glimpse of what you are going to hear.


1. Let There Be Love Tonight ~ I immediately found myself moving to this catchy and upbeat song. Everyone has had that one crush in life that they have wanted to say something to in an effort to turn it into a great love story. That is what this song is. It is fun, sweet and encouraging. The lyrics flow effortlessly and make you smile as you can place your one crush into the fantasy within the lyrics. This song brings to the surface your own tale of love, nerves, and desire. This is definitely going to be a crowd favorite.


2. Miles on a Map ~ This is a classic long distance love song. While it can be hard for some to fathom, the lyrics show that with love all things are possible. It is the determination to remove the distance from the equation that makes this song another tool of hope for so many. I think everyone wants to feel that kind of love in life. This song again has a faster beat and is easy to sing along to with a smile.


3. When You've Got a Broken Heart ~ This is a beautiful relation of heartbreak, pain, love, loss, struggle and the ability to overcome. I was brought to tears as the deepest part of my soul was elevated to my exterior. I could feel each emotion throughout the song as it played. I lost, I fell, I felt pain and I conquered it. Very few songs have made my eyes well up with tears while filling my soul up with faith to be strong. The piano that accompanies Brandon's genuine voice make this even more beautiful. This is the most powerful and worthwhile song I have heard so far.


4. ONE ~  As the current single this song is just a lot of fun! It is about being determined and taking a leap of faith in love. I find that this song encourages stepping out of the box and going for what your heart truly longs for. Without ambition and goals you will not grow. This song is the epittamy of that.


Well done Brandon! I encourage all of you to find and follow him on social media as well as download his songs on iTunes if you haven't already. Until next time! ~Missy Wolf


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