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On a Good Night you just might find country star Wade Hayes at the Museum Club in Flagstaff, AZ. You will definitely find a slew of adoring fans longing to hear all of their favorite songs too. Fans drove in from surrounding states hours away just to see this Country Legend sing to them. Loretta and Shelley, (Mother and Daughter) fans from New Mexico not only drove 4 hours to see their beloved Wade sing, they stayed until the very end hoping to finally meet him after 17 years of the desire to even though Shelley had to be to work at 4am! in 1995 Loretta missed her chance to see Wade perform as she could not get off from work. Her friend then bragged about how amazing her night was, and that was it! Loretta became determined to make her dream come true. I had the pleasure of sitting with these two lovely ladies the entire night and got to witness that dream come true as Wade signed their boots and posed for a picture with them after the show.


The second Wade appeared the crowd went wild. They screamed, cheered, clapped and I even saw tears. The love they have for this man was felt so strongly that it was hard to not be emotional. He of course began his set with "On a Good Night" which generated more screams from his fans. It was definitely a favorite song of everyone's. He continued with "a Good Day to Go Crazy", which again led to more cheering and approval. The fiddle player that was with him, Jason Barlow, was outstanding and so passionate about his craft. The two together carried forward with "The Day She Left Tulsa" and  "Right Where I Want You" before getting to his first story of the night. He told us how his very loving mother encouraged him to write like he prayed. He joked and said she has told him that she should be earning royalties for her contribution to his song "What's a Broken Heart For You?". The delivery of this song was very emotional and the audience was feeling it. The room was silent and listening intently to the story within the lyrics. It was beautiful. He was so endearing to his mother and told everyone "I love my mamma".  As the night went on he did not disappoint as he sang all of his hits including "I'm Still Dancing With You" inspiring couples to begin dancing. You could see Wade smiling in admiration. He really seemed to enjoy that people were taking pleasure in having a good time.

During his shows, Wade likes to have the audience make requests. You should have heard them all. I think even Wade was surprised by some of the songs people requested to hear. Then came one of the gorgeous girls serving drinks...she shouted out, "Drinking Doubles". Wade looked at her in agreement and EVERYONE started screaming.  Man does he have an amazing set of pipes. He nailed that song. It brought everyone such satisfaction...I can still hear the sounds of applauds and euphoria the audience was giving off.

Next came the story of Wade that many did not know. It is truly a miracle that he is still with us performing shows after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer and only given a 12% chance of survival. Well folks, Wade gives praise to God for that miracle. He has become more aware of what is important in life and you can tell. It was at a visit with his DR. that inspired his newest hit, "Go Live Your Life". It was at this visit that Wade was told by his Dr. that he was now cancer free and that he needed to go live his life. Since then Wade has also become a huge supporter of the Colon Cancer Alliance. Help share his story with others. Rhonda Trombetti, friend of longtime fan Janice Campbell, told me a story about a man she married that was diagnosed with cancer. She told me how he had no will to live and sadly passed away. It is her mission now to share this song with everyone she knows. It is her hope that because of this song someone else will find the will to live like Wade did. I was brought to tears by what this strong woman told me. I encourage you all to learn more about this remarkable singer and man and to share his story of survival and exceptional music with everyone you know and meet. And don't forget to "Go Live Your Life".  Ladies and Gentleman that is exactly what this man is doing. He is singing for so many people and raising awareness as well as hope. Please go find him on iTunes where you can download all of his music, or go follow him through his social media links below. Until next time ~Missy Wolf 


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