Ann Wilson Sets Nashville On Fire With Her Basement East Performances

by Missy Wolf / 623 days ago / Comments

When it comes to powerful female voices in the music industry, Ann Wilson is always at the top of the list. Wilson is continuing to lead the pack with her latest release titled 'Fierce Bliss'. Not only does her new album showcase her abilities as an artist with a variety of musical stylings, but it also demonstrates that Wilson is nowhere near done with her musical journey.

After our recent interview (above) about 'Fierce Bliss', we geared up to watch the first of two performances at Nashville's The Basement East. As soon as we walked inside, the front of the stage was already packed with eager fans waiting to hear their favorite tracks alongside the newly released ones. Among those fans was a gentleman by the name of Charlie Sheppard who could not wait to hear Wilson's powerful vocals live.

From the moment she took the stage, the audience was completely captivated. Wilson came out on fire and ignited the entire venue. Fans danced, sang along, cheered, screamed, and showed enormous respect, gratitude, and love for Wilson. In turn, she showed a great amount of appreciation to all those who attended her show and sang along. The magic felt during the show was undeniable. Of course, everyone went crazy for her hits such as "Barracuda", "Magic Man", and "Crazy On You", but it was her rendition of Queen's "Love Of My Life" that gave me chills. Though recorded as a duet with Vince Gill for his angelic sound, Wilson delivered this song with an extreme amount of emotion and the fans ate it up.

The Basement East was set ablaze and I can only imagine it was even hotter on night two. This show is a must-see for anyone that wants to see a good rock show with tremendously powerful vocals and talent.  It just doesn't get any better than Ann Wilson.  



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