Celebration Of Life for Andrew DeBina

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Many touching stories have circulated throughout our lives. Some of them make you laugh, while others can make you angry or even feel confused, but it is the ones that tear your heart out that you never forget. 

While on the Country Rewind Tour, just as the headliners took the stage, I received a frantic message from my daughter about a dear friend she met during her time at basic training for the Army. Her friend, Isaac DeBina, just experienced a tragedy involving his father in Hawaii. Not knowing how severe this tragedy would soon become, all of us began to pray for the life of Isaac's father Andrew DeBina.

While we were all hoping for the best outcome possible, Andrew sadly passed away on May 10th, 2021. With family in Hawaii and Ohio, a Memorial or Celebration Of Life is quite costly and stressful. Knowing that I can in no way ease the pain this family is experiencing with the loss of their beloved Andrew, I have decided that together with your help, maybe we could ease their financial burden.

Please join me in sharing this post for others to see along with donating to his GoFundMe any amount you can afford to help alleviate the costs of Andrew's Celebration Of Life. 




Here are a few words about Andrew along with a few “poems” that his mother, Carla Likens, wrote for the Celebration of Life services.  


Andrew Paul Nai’i DeBina

"Andrew, second of his siblings, a rascal at birth, was named after one of the first, and last, Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ.

His Hawaiian name, Nai’i, was given by Puna, my paternal grandmother.  Its’ meaning is “conqueror”, and Andrew did just that.  In every trial he encountered, he strived to come out on top.  A bright child, that never could sit still, endeavored to prove his worth.

Andrew made friends wherever he wandered off to, so independent in his own right.  He was a teaser and a comic at the same time, which sometimes would get him in trouble, especially with the girls.

Understanding life came hard for Andrew, he never took anything for granted, and always sought advice from someone in some type of authority.  Which was kind of ironic because Andrew never did take to following those in authority.  He thought the grass was always greener on the other side and learned the hard way that, God was always in control.

A dedicated child, loving father, and loyal friend – Andrew will be missed, but not forgotten.  Through his family and friends, his memory will live on … until we meet again."


As the sun sets upon your face,

As you find peace in our Saviour’s Grace,

Though near or far apart –

Always know you remain in our hearts,

Yesterday, today, and forever.




Wherefore Have You Gone?


In the shadows on the shore, or above the horizon,

Echoes whispering in the night ~

All is quiet, there is a peace in the air.


In the stillness of the ocean, or far across the sea,

Currents will carry you to places unknown ~

The peace and joy once longed for,

Can now be yours in our Saviour’s arms.


Wherefore have you gone?

Safe in the arms of Jesus – let your soul be content,

Although incomplete, your race is finished ~

You did your best, now it is time to rest.


A new life is starting,

A new journey to enjoy ~

Be at peace, my son, you will be missed,

But your memory will live on.




Always & Forever


Each moment of the day

Will bring memories of you.

Your laughter and tears,

Forever etched in my heart.


Each moment of the night,

As the stars shine ever so bright.

The moon, a reflection of our Lord’s creation

Will remind me of the arms that held you close.


Safe in the arms that hold you now,

No more sorrow, no more care,

Free from doubts and fears ~~

Though your memory is all that is left.


As your memory continues,

A part of me still longs to hold you and keep you,

Safe from the toils surrounding us.

But it is only a memory ~~

A memory that lingers ~~

Always and forever.



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