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If you are not familiar with The Band Steele, you are in for quite a treat. Ben Rubino and Bo Steele are not only extremely talented artists, but they are also filled with a quick wit, a tremendous amount of heart, and a music style that will leave you wanting all they have and more. Their sound is raw, swampy and full of emotion that you cannot help but feel. Listening to them on the radio is one thing, but watching them live is a whole other level of power that will beguile fans causing them to drive for hours just to catch a show. 

Fortunately for Center Stage Magazine, we have become good friends with Rubino and Steele and are able to keep bringing performance footage and interviews to fans. The passion these two have for their music and their fans is spectacular, however, their commitment and support to those who serve in the military are commendable. 

During our recent on-camera conversation with The Band Steele at this year's Country Radio Seminar, both Rubino and Steele spoke about their military tour and how their song "Sit Awhile" has led to many intense stories from fans. The gratitude that this duo has for our military is simply beautiful. 

The Band Steele loves to have a good time with fans. If you follow them on social media, you will surely find something that will make you smile, or laugh uncontrollably. One of their recent shenanigans is "The Whisper Challenge". All I am going to say is "Poor Ben". We discussed this challenge during our interview, though I encourage you to go watch the video. 

As we continued our conversation at CRS, The Band Steele announced the release of their new song "Copper Coil". While they are still enjoying the success of "Sit Awhile" and "Waitin' On Sunshine" the love and excitement they each have for this new single is special. Watch our full conversation now to learn more. Here is a recent performance of their new single "Copper Coil"  at our recent Indie Nights Nashville show.

If you are not yet following The Band Steele on social media, please do yourself a favor now by clicking on the links below. Remember to give them a "like", "follow", and "share". Invite all of your friends to do the same. Do not forget to check out their tour schedule as well. You do not want to miss out on a live performance. Trust me. ~Missy




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