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After our first and extremely fun interview with Williams Honor at last year's Country Radio Seminar, I was excited to see that we were going to have the opportunity to chat once again at this year's CRS. Typically during CRS, artists promote the release of their new music and often perform in their suites or other venues for those in the industry to hear. 

As soon as we got the invitation to attend the "Single Release Party" for Willams Honor's newest single release "Step!", we knew we had to be there. With the party taking place on the eve of CRS, the amount of excitement inside of Winner's bar in Nashville was quite invigorating. Both Richards and Brown were on fire as they performed their set and got the audience to lend their voices to "Step!". The look of appreciation and amazement on both Richards and Brown was simply heartwarming. It is safe to say that it was a largely successful and crowded event. I could not be happier for them.

When it was finally time for our interview, I could not wait to chat with them about their party and how much fun it was. As expected, Both Richards and Brown continued to be on cloud nine. The level of happiness inside of our little booth was felt by everyone around us. We had so much fun talking about their plans for the release of their next album, their goal of playing on the Opry stage, and their fans affectionately know as the "Williams Honor Army".  We even learned some fun new words. You will have to watch the full video to learn all about them as trying to spell those words out for you here would cause a grammar nightmare. 

Special shout out to DJ Lee Mrowicki from Stone Pony for the "Jersey Boots" that Richards proudly wore during our interview. Now, if you are not following Williams Honor already, stop what you are doing and go give them a like and share on all of their socials. The links to all of them are below. ~Missy




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