Angie Dawn's Not So Secret Diary: Adam James

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Old soul is one way you can describe Adam James. I was introduced to James through a friend. We connected and had a great phone interview. James described his life as growing up knowing he had a deep sense of music in his blood.

His dad played the drums, even though he only witnessed him play one time it was enough to fuel the music bug within. He would play and sing at church and schools until he graduated, then he joined a band and started writing. James says he spent a lot of time being nervous trying to find his own voice. I dare say he has done it!

His style is a style all of its own, It is a mix of blues, jazz, a little funky but mostly just full of soul. His musical inspirations are all over the board. Some of those influences are Jeff Buckley, John Mayer, Coldplay, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye and so many more.

Originally James is from Pensacola, FL., but with his gypsy soul, he could not stay put. He left for New Orleans and then from there he headed to New Mexico. He finally made his way to the live music scene in Austin, TX. His new song that he and Dear Daughter sing together throws your mind and soul into the Johnny and June days. It is one of the catchiest little tunes you will ever hear. James is a very talented and driven young man. It is safe to say you will be seeing much more of him. ~Angie Dawn


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