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As we continue our coverage of CRS 2018, I have the pleasure of introducing you to David Fanning. Blessed with charm, strong vocals, unique style, infectious personality, and of course, the triple threat of being tall, dark, and handsome, Fanning instantly captivates fans.

During our conversation at the Country Radio Seminar, I knew that we were going to have quite a bit to talk about as Fanning has embraced creativity and taken music releasing to another level. Explaining that in one year's time he will release 4 EP's each with 4 songs on them was already appealing to me. However, as he further explained the connection between these EP's and the story they tell, I could tell that this was a musical journey that fans will definitely be excited to be a part of.

Fanning has also experienced a moment in his career that he may not have seen coming and one that turned the heads of many. With endorsement from Justin Timberlake for his country cover of the song "Drink You Away", Fanning gained a lot of attention from fans and earned a lot of respect as an artist. Resulting in some fun exchanges on social media, it is safe to say that Timberlake enjoyed Fanning's version of the song. Talk about a memorable moment in Fanning's career. 

I asked Fanning if he had plans to tour, and though he says he is a little late to the game, he will, in fact, be touring come late Spring. Fans are going to be graced with a vibrant and high energy performance that will be sure to have them craving more. With Fanning accompanied only by a DJ and video walls in what he calls a "Chain smokery" style, this enthralling performance is one you will not want to miss out on.

With Fanning's upbeat personality, I knew we may have a few moments of laughter during our conversation. What I did not realize was that I would soon be calling him my Indian Brother. Watch our full conversation now to understand what I mean. Frankly, fans need to be able to see the silly side of the artists that they love. Laughter goes a long way in a world that is often plagued by negativity, so hit play and enjoy some smiles.

Be sure to follow Fanning on social media if you are not already doing so. Grab his EP Dreamers along with his latest release of Lovers and stay tuned for the follow-up EP release of Liars and Strangers. ~Missy


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