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"Outlaw Gospel" That's about the only way anyone can explain it. I had met Cody McCarver on a few occasions at different events through mutual friends. I had no idea at those times that I would have one of the most captivating interviews with this man that I had ever had. For Y'all that may not know, McCarver played with Confederate Railroad for 12 years, which he refers to as "12 of the greatest years" that he loved. He left the group with the blessing of the band only to pursue a solo career.

As I talked to McCarver I quickly realized that I was not only learning about his music career, I was also getting to hear his testimony. He even refers to his music as a ministry. His words were, "Hey, I been there, done that." So maybe I can reach people that others can't. His music is honest, not all slicked up for radio. As we continued our talk I kept wanting more information. After everything he would say, I had a dozen questions I wanted to ask him. Coming from a background where his musical inspirations were Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck & David Allan Coe, I asked how he ended up singing gospel and... whooo weee, that is where I had to sit down, just listen and take it all in...

Going through tough times like his father being in prison and passing away behind those bars led McCarver down a different path of thinking and way of life. In 2013 he got saved by the grace of God and never touched another drop of alcohol again. His musical sound style has not changed but his lyrics sure have.

Since his lifestyle transition, he has had great success in the Christian Country Industry. In 2018 his song "Rise Up" reached #1 on the Christian Country chart. It was also #18 for that entire year. His song "Run and Hide reached #57 for the entire year of 2018 as well. His new album "Blessings" features a duet with John Schneider titled "These Hands." McCarver also teamed up with John Anderson to record "The Old Rugged Cross."

McCarter took pride in writing and co-writing every song on this album with exception to "The Old Rugged Cross." The target release date for "Blessings" is mid- April. These days Mccarver spends his time traveling to prisons to play his music and give his testimony hoping to give someone the peace that he found that wonderful day in 2013.  ~Angie Dawn


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