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Though they are often referred to as the "Soul Sisters" for their beautiful and soulful voices, the Shoal Sisters are the backbone of music in the Muscle Shoals community. Not that they would ever claim to be, artists and session players alike know the importance of being backed by great vocals and harmonies. The Shoal Sisters not only deliver stellar vocals, they often send chills down the listener's spine during their uplifting performances.

As we discussed what it was like attending the BMI listening party for Muscle Shoals Small Town Big Sound, the Shoal Sisters were "elated". Explaining that they usually do not get to meet the artist they play for on the record, it was an amazing experience to get to work with and meet Steven Tyler. 

The Shoal Sisters were quick to recognize how many talented background vocalists there are and how much they appreciate when others do the same. Describing what it was like for them to hear legendary guitarist Will McFarlane tell them that they "Up the real estate" at every show was very heartwarming and gratifying. Not only are the Shoal Sisters grateful for where they are and what they get to do, they have wonderful personalities and also joked about how they could go by a different name at times. Watch our full conversation to see what I mean.

Knowing that it is the lead vocalist that gets most of the attention, the artists behind the scenes always hold a special place in my heart. Songwriters, session players, background vocalists, and anyone else that makes a song come to life needs to be recognized. 

If you truly love music and the stories within it, I urge you to dig deep and get to know everyone that made the music come to life. Be sure to grab a copy of Muscle Shoals Small Town Big Sound and listen for the voices of the Shoal Sisters. If you ever get the opportunity to see them live, do not miss out. ~Missy

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