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Before sitting with Kaitlyn Baker for an on-camera interview during CMA Fest, I had the pleasure of being able to watch her perform her music for many adoring fans. This experience was a bit of a treat for me as it was my first time watching one of Baker's live shows.

Immediately impressed with the amount of power she has in her vocals, I had to ask her when she discovered that she possessed that power. Her response had us both giggling and smiling. Watch our full conversation now to hear what she had to say.

Baker's fun-loving personality is one trait that definitely keeps fans coming back for more. As we discussed her experiences at CMA Fest as both an artist and a fan, Baker admitted that as an artist the week is very eventful and busy. She was also quick to express that country music fans are simply the best. 

As we continued our conversation, we discussed the tragedy behind the title track of her EP Blackbird. Suffering the loss of her best friend and guitar player due to a drunk driver, Baker has been able to put her grief into lyrics that fans have since latched onto. Expressing their own loss with her at shows and meet and greets, Baker has been touched by the stories fans are sharing with her.

As we all know by now, music has the power to heal, but it is the songwriter and the singer that bring the music to life. Baker has an incredible gift of songwriting combined with a powerful and emotional vocal delivery. If you have not heard her sing, please take a moment and click the iTunes link below to grab your copy of her EP Blackbird now. Remember to check out her website for more information and follow her on social media too. Instagram is her favorite, so you might want to stop there first. ~Missy



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