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Watching the excitement ooze from fans during CMA Fest is always a treat, however, watching the artists become filled with appreciation for those fans is equally as thrilling for me to watch.

As I sat with Caleche in the media room at Fan Fair X during CMA Fest 2018, She shared a breathtaking moment between her and a fan during her autograph signing at the Roper booth. Likely unaware that Caleche was able to communicate with her using sign language, the female fan beamed with Joy that she was able to easily communicate with Caleche. These are the moments that stand out to artists and fans. Real, genuine, heartfelt moments are the moments we all love to experience. Not only did this moment make a fan happy, it will be a long-lasting memory for Caleche for years to come. Watch our full conversation now to learn more about why this moment was so special for Caleche.

Continuing our conversation, I had to ask Caleche about her music video for "Get Down". The story, the scenes, and the actors were all extremely entertaining. Kicking the video off with some sass and mixing in high energy along with some goofballs and a few stunts, made this video one that I will never forget. Caleche explained that she enlisted the help of some very special talent including the guys in Nitro Circus. In particular, Street Bike Tommy stood out to me as a favorite character within the video. Caleche smiled as she explained who Street Bike Tommy is and how this video came to be. Selfishly, I basically demanded more fun videos from Caleche as it was so much fun to watch.

Working hard to bring more music and videos to life, Caleche explained that she has more for fans on the way. Make sure you stay tuned to her website for the latest news and updates and be sure to follow her on social media for a lot more fun. Trust me, this artist knows how to entertain a crowd and leave her fans wanting more. ~Missy



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