JD Shelburne's "Superman" Hits Home With The Harsh Realities Life Brings Us

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Independent Artist and good friend JD Shelburne is set to release his new album Two Lane Town on Saturday, July 28, 2018, along with hosting a FREE concert in his hometown of Taylorsville, Kentucky, at 7:00 pm. Scheduled to perform this special event is also American Idol participant Layla Spring.

Center Stage Magazine is proud to premiere one of those tracks now. "Superman" initially caught my attention from the title alone. I knew there were many different directions this title could lead, however, I did not expect this song to hit so close to home. 

Listening intently to each lyric, tears began to flow from my eyes as the harsh reality of watching my very own "Superman" slow down hit me like a ton of bricks. The memories this song ignited in my mind brought joyous flashbacks of my childhood through adult life. From good times and bad, this song captures the essence of what it is like to have someone in your life who is no less than a superhero. Whether they fix your mistakes, wipe your tears, take on challenges you give them that they would rather not endure, give advice or give you away at your wedding, these heroes make life a much better place.

"Superman" is a beautifully written song with the power to make you realize how precious and special life is. Take a moment to share this breathtakingly emotional song with your "Superman" now and remind them how much they mean to you.   Without these superheroes, life would be a lot more complicated and difficult. Join us as we celebrate them. Pull out some old pictures and share them on your social media using #Superman #TwoLaneTown #JDShelburne #CenterStageMagazine now. ~Missy


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