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Our next interview was with an artist that is no stranger to the Center Stage family, Lewis Brice. You may recall that we caught up with Brice in February during CRS (Country Radio Seminar) in Nashville and we were excited to talk about his single "Best Ex Ever" as well as being named 2018 artists to watch and wow, has he ever done that designation justice.

Brice took some time in between performances in South Carolina at Carolina Country Music Festival (CCMF) before he headed back to Nashville for more performances at CMA Fest.
Lewispalooza, which is hosted by Brice, has become a staple during CMA Fest. Watch our conversation as he discusses why and how this event was started and how it truly gives back to the music community in ways that you would not have imagined.

Being the younger brother of country superstar, Lee Brice, we discussed how he and his brother are different in their styles and yet similar in content. The Brice brothers work closely on some projects and we even discussed the sibling rivalry that causes the most friction. It is not music related, so you do not want to miss hearing what he had to say about his older brother and what they tend to disagree on the most.

Being that Brice is a South Carolina native, we talked about the CCMF being almost like coming home for him as well as some things only Carolina natives can truly understand the extent of, fire ants. Funny enough, Brice and I both find humor in playing with fire.  Pardon the pun, watch the interview and find out why this is so fitting.

It has been a year since Brice released his self-titled debut EP, with the first single release being "Best Ex Ever" which reached the Top 40 on MusicRow's Breakout Country Chart as well as the Top 15 on the iTunes Country Chart. Not to mention, this EP and single success earned him placement on the Rolling Stone Country's "New Country Artists You Need to Know" list and the aforementioned Billboard "Country Artists to Watch in 2018". Tracks from the EP, such as "Alabama", "Messing With My Mind", "Still With You", "Out Of My Head" have been featured on SiriusXM The Highway, CMT Music, and Spotify’s New Boots & Wild Country playlists.
There is new music coming from Brice and while he could not give me an exact date, he gave a few hints of what we can expect. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, according to Brice, we should be hearing something on The Highway on SiriusXM.

Make sure to check out all of Brice's social media platforms, subscribe to his newsletter and check out his website to keep up with his touring schedule and the exact release dates for the exciting new music.

Lewis, Thank you again for taking the time to talk with us! It was great to meet you and talk about golf, music, your touring and fire ants! Let's kick some fire mounds soon and run! We can not wait for the new music and we look forward to catching up with you again soon!


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Lewis Brice Tour Dates

07/26/2024 : Ellenboro Volunteer Fire Dept.: Pennsboro, WV
07/27/2024 : Lewis Brice @ Scotty’s on 1st: Wellston, OH
08/02/2024 : Lewis Brice @ The JUNKYARD Eat: Spokane Valley, WA
08/10/2024 : Erie Humane Society Venue Grou: Erie, PA

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