Conversations with Missy: Riley Jenkins, Nashville Elvis Festival

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There are some artists you come across that leave a lasting impression you may not have been expecting. During the Nashville Elvis Festival, I had the opportunity to meet special guest Riley Jenkins. 

At just 15 years old, this Elvis Tribute Artist blew me away. As with many ETAs, Jenkins has spent much of his time perfecting his craft. What really stood out to me were his mannerisms. Jenkins spoke and moved like Elvis both on and off the camera. While remaining completely humble in typical Elvis fashion, Jenkins spoke openly and honestly about what paying tribute to the legend means to him as well as what it means for him to hear fans scream and cheer during his performances as "The King". 

The knowledge Jenkins has of Elvis's career is astounding. I was completely impressed by his fascination with the early career of Elvis and his determination to showcase the 1956/57 era of Elvis, as those were the years that footage is quite rare. Jenkins' ability to portray "early" Elvis so accurately is proof that this young ETA has done his homework.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jenkins catching a glimpse of Elvis on television at 3 years old was perfectly planned by GOD. Lighting a fire within the young toddler's soul, Jenkins has embarked upon one of the most thrilling journeys of his life as an Elvis Tribute Artist. Thankful for his "brothers" in the industry, Jenkins was quick to credit them with helping him learn his craft. 

Though Jenkins is still too young to compete for the title of "Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist", I know that it will not be long before he secures that title. With the right personality, heart, mannerisms, shyness and humble attitude, Jenkins is sure to be making the "King of Rock and Roll" proud. We have all heard that Elvis fans can't be wrong and judging by the number of screams I heard during and after his performance at the Nashville Elvis Festival, Jenkins is one ETA you should definitely make time to go see. 

We love all of the Elvis Tribute Artists we have met along the way, and hope that you will take the time to catch a show and support them as well. For now, please follow Jenkins on social media and check out his website for news, updates, and appearances. ~Missy


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