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There is one artist whose name is known by virtually every living person, Elvis Presley. Presley is known for his thrusting hips, smooth soulful voice, generosity, flashy jumpsuits, boyish smile, making women blush, smile, scream, and faint, and so much more. To those who knew him, Presley can never be replaced nor forgotten. 

The legacy of Presley has been carried on for generations and his presence in the music and film industry continues to thrive thanks to fans and events such as the Nashville Elvis Festival. If you have never been to one of these festivals, you need to find one to attend. These festivals are filled with Elvis Tribute Artists (ETA), not impersonators. 

These ETA's have worked hard studying the "King" himself to pay homage to his undeniable talent and humble personality, thus keeping his memory very much alive for fans that mourn him, fans that never met him, and fans that were born long after he passed. Being an ETA requires discipline and a lot of heart. 

At this year's Nashville Elvis Festival, I was able to sit with ETA Gib Maynard. To say I was impressed by this ETA would be an understatement. Watching his performances on stage and listening to him speak, it was clear to me that Maynard had spent a lot of time studying Presley.

When I asked him what it was like preparing for an event like this, Maynard explained that he spends between 10 to 15+ hours a week practicing his vocals. In addition to the vocals, ETA's need to spend studying the movements that Presley was known for during his performances to make sure that Presley is indeed being represented accurately. 

The fans absolutely love each of the ETA's. Maynard is no exception. As he was on stage, the screams that filled the Franklin Theatre were reminiscent of old concert footage of Presley on stage. The thrill of seeing these tribute artists live for some was magical, for others it was a walk down memory lane, and for those like me, well there were even moments where our eyes welled up with tears as you could feel Presley's presence in the room.

During my conversation with Maynard, I asked him about the fans. His answer, need to watch our conversation to find out. To Maynard, his fans, and all ETA's out there Thank You for helping to keep the spirit and memory of our beloved Elvis Presley alive. 

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