CRS 2018 with Laura: Manny Cabo

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There are artists and then there are ARTISTS.  Manny Cabo took some time to talk with us during Country Radio Seminar (CRS) at the Grassroots Promotions Starlight Dinner. 

Many of you may know Cabo from NBC’s The Voice, however, while that was a national introduction to his music, that is only one part of his repertoire.  

Cabo has been a fashion photographer for over 17 years, producing amazing images that are timeless.  While that is and always will be a passion, he has branched out into helping artists with branding and bringing a new twist to the photographs you are used to seeing on album art and publicity photos.  He recently worked with James Dupré and the results are outstanding. Listen to our conversation as he discusses this new venture along with his life coaching and new music.

Cabo has just released a new single titled “Hate Has No Home Here”.  This is a collaboration with Bonnie Warren and it is a message that we hear so often, however, I feel the difference with this song is the delivery in the vocal delivery as well as the specific statements in this song. This is not a song for “the moment” this is a “lesson in life”. 

Additionally, Cabo has been nominated for the 2018 Nashville Universe Awards as “Rising Star of The Year, Male Vocalist of The Year and Radio Single of The Year.  

Make sure you watch our interview and follow Cabo on all social media platforms as well as YouTube to stay up to date on all he has going on. Please continue to support this artist who could not be more appreciative and grateful for all the support he has received thus far. 

I will say it again because it is worth repeating.  There are artists and then there are ARTISTS. Cabo is a true artist in every sense of the world and I think we have only begun to see what he has in store for the future.


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Manny Cabo Tour Dates

11/19/2024 : The Strand Theater: Zelienople, PA
11/20/2024 : The Strand Theater: Zelienople, PA
11/21/2024 : The Strand Theater: Zelienople, PA
11/22/2024 : Lincoln Theatre: Marion, VA
11/23/2024 : Renfro Valley Entertainment Ce: Mt Vernon, KY
11/24/2024 : Lorain Palace Theatre: Lorain, OH
11/29/2024 : Garde Arts Center: New London, CT
11/30/2024 : Star Centre: Havre De Grace, MD
12/01/2024 : Crystal Coast Civic Center: Morehead City, NC
12/04/2024 : McPherson Opera House: Mcpherson, KS
12/05/2024 : Five Points Washington: Washington, IL
12/08/2024 : Rhythm City Casino Resort: Davenport, IA
12/09/2024 : Pablo Center at the Confluence: Eau Claire, WI
12/13/2024 : Barre Opera House: Barre, VT
12/14/2024 : Paramount Theatre: Middletown, NY
12/15/2024 : Tupelo Music Hall: Derry, NH
12/18/2024 : Chateaugay Central School Dist: Chateaugay, NY
12/19/2024 : Cinema Capitol at the Capitol : Rome, NY
12/20/2024 : Plymouth Memorial Hall: Plymouth, MA
12/21/2024 : Colonial Theatre: Pittsfield, MA
12/22/2024 : State Theatre Center for the A: Easton, PA

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