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With a performance that blew the coaches away and earning a four-chair turn on The Voice, Many Cabo showed America that he has what it takes to be a Rock Star. Choosing coach Adam Levine seemed the perfect choice for Cabo. Though his time on the show was cut short after the best battle round in Voice history against Keith Semple, Cabo is still going strong.

We spoke about his experience on the show and what it was like to step out onto that stage for the first time. His description of that experience captivated me. His experience on the show has led him down an amazing path. His attitude about life is extremely admirable.

During our conversation, Cabo spoke about reaching out to others and using his experiences in life to bring positivity to the world. He said “I’m crazy”, “It’s the crazy one’s that change the world.” I have to agree. Cabo has a brilliant gift. He is using the platform given to him to make a difference in what seems like a very cruel world. I respect that.

While on the Voice, Cabo received between 7,000 and 8,000 messages from fans. He responded to each of them. That is remarkable. That is what it takes. He is committed, dedicated and determined to live a great life and to lead others to do the same. His music is the tool. Cabo has a profound outlook on life and when you combine that with his songwriting, you are left with something so spectacular that you crave more.

His debut EP STRATOSPHERIC is updated classic rock with a hint of country rock and a lot of feel-good lyrics you will want to listen to over and over. His song, “So Close to You” is one of my favorites. Listen to our conversation to hear us discuss his EP, Pharrell Williams, performing with Semple and more. You will be glad you did.

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