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Having the opportunity to catch up with legends in country music is always a humbling experience for me and I think I tend to say all the time, "I can not believe I get to do this".  Another perfect example of that is talking with T.G. Sheppard during the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville this year.

First, I know I always say you have to watch the video, and I am saying it again here.  There is no way for me to properly express in words what Sheppard shares from his heart about so many things, mostly, the love of his life, Ms. Kelly Lang.

While Sheppard jokes that Lang calls him her "Uber driver", as you watch him talk about her and how he asks himself every morning "How did I get so lucky?", there is a tenderness in his heart that only talking about Lang can bring out.  It is definitely something to see.

Sheppard is currently working on a new album, with the help of Lang, and is making sure that he stays true to himself and what he wants to write and sing about.  He gave us a hint of a new song about Elvis that he admits is an emotional one for him about his good friend and mentor.  

The new album is expected to be available in July or August and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. We will be sure to share all the information with you on how to get your hands on a copy as well.

Make sure you keep up with Sheppard on all social media platforms and find out what is so very special about this artist.  His humble spirit and sense of humor along with fashion advice, are just a few of the many reasons this was absolutely one of my favorite interviews.  



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T.G. Sheppard Tour Dates

03/17/2024 : Birnamwood High School: Wittenberg, WI
04/13/2024 : Scotty's Saloon | The TNT Show: Richmond, TX
04/19/2024 : Hackberry Community Center | T: Hackberry, LA
04/20/2024 : Orange Blossom Opry: Weirsdale, FL
04/27/2024 : Kentucky Opry | The TNT Show -: Benton, KY
05/05/2024 : Valley Fest: Dunlap, TN
06/08/2024 : The Park Theater: Mcminnville, TN
06/15/2024 : Gem Theatre: Calhoun, GA
06/22/2024 : The TNT Show - T.G. Sheppard a: Livingston, TX
07/04/2024 : Dade County Fair | The TNT Sho: Trenton, GA
07/12/2024 : Great Smoky Mountains Heritage: Townsend, TN
08/03/2024 : Fox Mtn Country Music Festival: Aylesford East, Nova Scotia
08/17/2024 : Old Dominion Barn Dance | The : Hopewell, VA
08/17/2024 : Old Dominion Barn Dance | The : Hopewell, VA
08/24/2024 : Rowdy T Ranch: Frost, TX
08/31/2024 : Pedrotti's Ranch: Helotes, TX
09/07/2024 : Palace Theater - Acoustic Show: Crossville, TN
09/09/2024 : Dollywood Fall Festival - Pige: Pigeon Forge, TN
09/10/2024 : Dollywood Fall Festival - Pige: Pigeon Forge, TN
09/14/2024 : Liberty Showcase Inc.: Liberty, NC
09/21/2024 : Charles R. Wood Theater - Acou: Glens Falls, NY
09/28/2024 : Grand Saline Salt Festival w/ : Grand Saline, TX
10/05/2024 : Coyote Country Store: Gail, TX
10/19/2024 : 11th Street Cowboy Bar: Bandera, TX

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