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There is always a first time for everything in life. For Nora Collins, CRS 2018 was the first time she was able to participate in the popular Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee. Though I was not scheduled to interview Collins during our first day of interviews, I was standing in the hall taking a much-needed break and was able to witness Collins giving an interview with another outlet. She could simply light up a room with her positive attitude. She oozed happiness and appreciation and I could not wait to speak with her.

After going home and preparing for day two of interviews, I came across an interview with Collins from earlier in the day. I immediately had to watch it and with only one question into it, I was completely impressed with her. Collins presented herself in the perfect way and made me realize that no matter where you are and who you are talking to, remaining yourself is key. She did an amazing job of doing just that.

When it was finally time for Collins to sit with us for an interview, I was all smiles. We first spoke about this being her first CRS experience. We continued talking about "firsts" as we spoke about her lovely music video for "Recover". Collins explained that this was the first professional music video she has filmed since moving to Nashville. With a gracious smile, Collins shared how her uncle helped her record a previous music video with his camera. She immediately showed gratitude for CMT as she explained what it was like being included in the CMT Artist Discovery Program. 

Collins keeps reaching milestone after milestone in her increasingly successful music career. After auditioning for American Idol when she was just 15 years old, Collins shared that it has come full circle as she was invited to be a judge herself during the recent American Idol auditions in Milwaukee. I cannot wait for where this artist goes next.

For now, be sure to follow Collins on social media. Check out her website for the latest news and updates and make sure you stay tuned for her new single, "Who Knows Who". ~Missy



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