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During the first morning of the Country Radio Seminar (CRS) 2018, I was graced with the presence of dynamic duo Brown and Gray. Sam Gray and Kaci Brown were all smiles and pure entertainment from the second they entered our quaint booth.

Noticing that we had a guitar on display from Hockin Custom Guitars, both Brown and Gray were intrigued by the color and quality of this incredible instrument. After talking with them about the guitar and its purpose of raising money for the charity Autism Speaks, we sat down for what would be one of the most energetic, early morning interviews we have ever had at Center Stage Magazine.

Still filled with excitement from watching the Super Bowl the night before, Brown shared a hilarious moment with us about her fun and extremely memorable experience watching the game during her flight to Nashville. While sharing this story, Gray immediately jumped in and added even more laughter to the already comical chain of events. 

Admitting that I did not actually watch the Super Bowl or halftime performance by Justin Timberlake due to preparing for my interviews, I was immediately forgiven as Gray realized I was watching their video for "Top Down" instead. He then shouted "Touch Down with the Top Down" and I could not help but laugh.

While we continued to laugh throughout our conversation, it was clear to me that this musical duo is powered with the right personality to make it far in their career. As they shared the process of making their music video for "Top Down", I found myself not only laughing, but completely intrigued by their determination, can-do attitude, and ability to take chances and risks while having a great time. Watch our full conversation now to understand exactly what I mean. 

Be sure to follow Brown and Gray on social media, grab a copy of "Top Down", and prepare to have a good time. These two artists will take you on one of the best rides of your life, so stay up to date with all they have coming up by checking out their website for the latest news and show information. ~Missy


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