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While attending a Johnny Lee concert at the Nashville Palace, I was fortunate enough to have been able to watch his daughter, Cherish Lee, perform as well. Not knowing how moved I would be, Cherish delivered real emotion and powerful vocals to the audience and brought many to tears with her heartfelt song to her new baby boy. I fully admit that I cried during the beautiful display of the bond between mother and son.

As soon as Cherish sat in the booth with me at CRS 2018, I knew we were going to bond. She immediately began complimenting my piece of Plunder Jewelry and stated that it was something that she would wear, but could also see her mom taking right off of me. I had to laugh because if you know actress Charlene Tilton, you know that she is a lot of fun, spunky, and extremely sweet. Cherish and I laughed as we talked about my encounter with Tilton at the Guest House at Graceland while watching a T.G. Sheppard and Kelly Lang concert. That was the moment that led to the stunning performance at the Nashville Palace that I was lucky enough to attend. 

As we continued our conversation, Cherish explained what it was like making the leap to the entertainment industry. Having two very famous parents in two different branches of the entertainment industry, Cherish did not decide to follow in their footsteps early on. Watch our full conversation to learn why she waited to begin her career in music.

Cherish also spoke to me about overcoming the negative. With determination, hard work, and a starting budget of $1500.00, Cherish was told that she would not be able to record an album in Nashville. The release of Tequila Cowgirl on February 22, 2018, has proven those naysayers wrong. Not only is this album a reality, Cherish has been receiving messages from fans, rave reviews, and praise from industry professionals such as Billboard who included her as an artist to watch in 2018. 

Cherish has also teamed up with G4 Tequila for what seems to be the most fitting partnership with the recent release of the single "Tequila Cowgirl". Unlike many other tequila products, Cherish describes G4 Tequila as the kind of tequila you sip while keeping your dignity. 

Please go out and support this rising country artist. Follow Cherish Lee on social media and be sure to grab your copy of Tequila Cowgirl today.



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