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The moment Macy Martin stepped into our booth for her interview during CRS 2018, I knew this girl was special. Having already fallen in love with her latest single "Broke Down", Martin brought us the cutest bag full of swag before she sat down to speak with me. Adorned with a beautiful smile, Martin was just as ready as I was to discuss her career.

Her charming personality came out in an instant. Before the camera was even rolling, Martin and I were sharing stories causing us to laugh. Wanting to immediately know how she chose her path and got started with music, which is something I just don't usually start with during an interview, Martin definitely tugged at my heartstrings as she explained how she got her start in this often brutal industry.

Coming from a family filled with Lawyers and Doctors, following that same path seemed to be the natural choice for Martin. Deciding early on that she wanted to be a doctor meant having to strive for good grades in school. It was not until she was 13 years old that fate was about to soon take over. 

Martin shared the remarkable story of how a general store that was revamped to include a family burger joint with live music, an elderly man, and a widow helped launch her music career that no one really saw coming. As Martin continued to describe the story that led to her and her mother meeting the famed Kent Wells (Dolly Parton), I sat in awe. At just 14 years old, Martin came to realize that she no longer wanted to be a doctor and was officially pursuing a career in music.

Martin was quick to remind us that God's plan is not always our own as she described her father's career change due to suffering an injury as a Professional Bull Rider back before Lane Frost and Tuff Hedeman were big names in the sport. God's plan for Martin indeed has definitely prevailed. This now 20-year-old songstress is living out her dreams in Nashville where she is no longer just singing Karaoke to Taylor Swift and Christina Perri. Martin is celebrating the upcoming March 2, 2018, release of her newest single "Take Me Now", making those who know and love her extremely proud.

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