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As I walked into my interview with the lovely Olivia Lane, I immediately heard her angelic voice singing a familiar song and it made me smile. Happy and ready for the day, Lane cheerily came over and sat with me as soon as I was set up. Before the camera began rolling, we were already chatting and having fun.

As we officially began our interview, we could not help but reveal our excitement for fall weather. We were both elated for "Sweater Weather" as it feels good to finally be able to wear layers. I personally like that sweaters cover up the "chubby" parts of me. After sharing a few laughs, we turned our conversation to the music.

Lane recently released her newest single "Devil and You". As she described the process of creating the song, she explained that it was co-written with Skip Black and Brennin Hunt. The process of a write or co-write is always fascinating to me. Listening to her describe this particular write was captivating. Her energy and passion for her music are infectious. I imagine the chemistry between the three of them could light up an entire auditorium. 

Having had the opportunity to get to know Hunt myself, I know that he is a fantastic writer and he loves and admires the work of Michael Jackson. I asked Lane if there was anyone that she was a big fan of and she immediately began telling me how both her and Hunt were "nerding out" to Jackson and the Eagles. She continued to explain that she loves Whitney Houston as well and was singing her songs all morning. At that point it made sense. That is why her song was so familiar to me when I walked into our interview. She was singing one of Houston's songs. 

After learning about her childhood, it was easy to see that Lane was destined to be in music. Having a mother who sang and the support of her family to shine just as bright, Lane felt what they already knew, she had the gift of music flowing through her veins. Knowing her mom must be proud to watch her daughter live out her dreams, I had to ask Lane if the two of them have been able to share the stage yet. Watch our full conversation for the answer to that and much more.

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