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In this industry, you often have an opportunity to meet some amazing people, who, but not for your job title, you may never have had the chance to sit down and get to know.  Then there are those rare occasions when you can sit down with one of these artists and you are fortunate enough to be able to also call them your friend.

I would like to introduce to you, one of country music’s best Indie artists, someone you will be hearing a lot from very soon, Mr. Billy Brown.

Brown and I have known each other for a few years and he is just one of those people that you instantly have a good vibe about and a good connection with.  When you get to know a little more about him, you must find out more.  There is a little intrigue there, which is never a bad thing in this business, yet, Brown is an open book.  What you see, is exactly what you get.  He is a dedicated father, full-time employee, and an outstanding singer/songwriter who does not comprise his values for the “business”.

Brown began his music career four years ago as the front man for the Billy Brown Band.  Playing and packing venues all over the region in the Newport/Cincinnati area and quickly moved into venues all around the country, as one of the most sought-after country cover bands around.  This was the “go to” band if you needed someone to keep your crowd entertained, keep buying the alcohol and keep the dance floor packed. 

Brown, being as versatile as an artist and songwriter, could play and sing anything that the crowd requested as well as have a prepared setlist full of songs from just about every genre from Snoop Dog to Garth Brooks.  The was never a dull moment when these guys took the stage.

As often happens in this business, things change and “bands” go their separate ways and go on to separate projects, with no hard feelings, just a different sense of direction.  That is what happened in this case and Brown has now found a niche for himself as an original Indie country artist, which is right where he needs to be.

Check out our interview as we discuss the transition from cover songs to originals and learn about some of the inspiration for his songs.  You will be touched. There is no doubt you will fall in love with this artist.

While he has the cover songs in his back pocket, should he need them for a request, he is focused on continuing to write, record and release his original music.  This choice gives him the opportunities that keep him pinching himself at every turn, for example, this was Brown’s first year as an artist performing during CMA Fest week in Nashville at Alley Taps for the Heart Songs Records and Center Stage Magazine Independent Artist Showcase. 

Make sure to watch our full conversation as there are a lot of laughs along with a serious discussion about one of Brown’s songs, "Natural".  This song has had an impact on, not only so many young ladies but many children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  As a father of two daughters, specifically, it is clear to see his message to encourage them to be proud of who they are while just being natural, without the mask of society saying who they should or should not be, is having an effect in such a positive way.

Brown has been able to consistently deliver these messages of empowerment and encouragement in deliberate and creative writing so that it is not just another song of “be comfortable in your skin” rather they become anthems for anyone out there who may need a reminder that they are perfect, just as God made them.

We discussed some exciting things on the horizon and since this interview, Brown has, even more, news to share.  His newest release, “She’s My Girl” has been picked up by iHeartRadio, NASH FM, as well as the Spotify and iTunes numbers are rising quickly.

There are some great things happening, the stuff that dreams are made of, with Brown and as a friend, I could not be prouder and happier for him.  As one of his biggest fans and a journalist, I am excited to see what happens next on his journey and I look forward to my front row tickets and backstage passes too. 

Take some time and head over to all of Brown’s social media accounts, stalk him, bug him, heck, maybe I will accidentally print his cell phone number.  While I do not think he would mind at all, I will wait for permission before going that far.  All the links you need to find him are listed here and do not forget to head over to any digital platform that you use for music and grab your copies.  You will be the first to be notified when any new dates appear on his schedule as well as new videos and new music.

On a quick personal note, Billy, I am so proud of you and it has been an honor to watch you pursue this dream.  All your hard work and never-give-up attitude has resulted in all these doors opening for you and I have no doubt that this is just the beginning of a long career.  You are a true “Natural” who has what it takes to get there.  I look forward to the next interview and seeing you again soon, until then, please keep us updated and from all of us here at Center Stage, best of luck, my friend.



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Billy Brown Tour Dates

06/13/2024 : The Grainery - Acoustic Show: Plain City, OH
06/14/2024 : Bleachers Sports Bar: Crescent Springs, KY
06/15/2024 : LuLu's at the Lake: Russells Point, OH
06/21/2024 : The Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club: Ludlow, KY
06/22/2024 : Blind Squirrel - Florence: Florence, KY
06/23/2024 : Private Event - Acoustic: Melbourne, KY
06/27/2024 : The Grainery - Acoustic Show: Plain City, OH
06/29/2024 : Private Event - Nick and Delan: Dry Ridge, KY
06/30/2024 : Zazou - Acoustic Show: Covington, KY
07/03/2024 : Private Event - Florence KY: Florence, KY
07/04/2024 : Private Event - Barnesville OH: Barnesville, OH
07/05/2024 : Shoreline Social: Cincinnati, OH
07/06/2024 : Private Event - Rushville IN: Rushville, IN
07/07/2024 : Papa Boo's: Thornville, OH
07/12/2024 : Cranberry Resort Waterfront Ba: Huntsville, OH
07/13/2024 : Blind Squirrel - Florence: Florence, KY
07/19/2024 : Bleachers Sports Bar: Crescent Springs, KY
08/01/2024 : GoettaFest - Main Stage: Newport, KY
08/02/2024 : The Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club: Ludlow, KY
08/03/2024 : Element Eatery: Cincinnati, OH
08/10/2024 : Buffalo Bobs - Acoustic Show: Florence, KY
08/17/2024 : American Legion: Covington, KY
08/24/2024 : Blind Squirrel - Florence: Florence, KY
09/06/2024 : Cranberry Resort Waterfront Ba: Huntsville, OH
09/08/2024 : Papa Boo's: Thornville, OH
09/13/2024 : Fourth Street Live!: Louisville, KY
09/14/2024 : Blind Squirrel - Florence: Florence, KY
09/20/2024 : Bleachers Sports Bar: Crescent Springs, KY
09/21/2024 : Medallion Club: Westerville, OH
10/16/2024 : Grizzly Rose: Denver, CO
10/17/2024 : Grizzly Rose: Denver, CO
10/18/2024 : Grizzly Rose - Opening for Eas: Denver, CO
10/19/2024 : Grizzly Rose: Denver, CO
10/20/2024 : Grizzly Rose: Denver, CO
10/26/2024 : Deringer's Public Parlor: Cedar Falls, IA
12/07/2024 : Blind Squirrel - Florence: Florence, KY
12/14/2024 : Big Buls Roadhouse: Hamilton, OH

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