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Tap Into Indie: Billy Brown CMA Fest 2017

Tap Into Indie: Billy Brown CMA Fest 2017

1137 days ago / Laura Lou

In this industry, you often have an opportunity to meet some amazing people, who, but not for your job title, you may never have had the chance to sit down and get to know.  Then there are those rare occasions when you can sit down with one of these artists and you are fortu...

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09/26/2020 : O'Neal's Tavern: Cincinnati, OH
09/27/2020 : Walt's Hitching Post: Fort Wright, KY
10/03/2020 : Moonbird: Dry Ridge, KY
10/30/2020 : Private Venue: Columbus, OH
11/07/2020 : Stables Entwined Event Venue: California, KY
11/24/2020 : Grizzly Rose: Denver, CO
11/25/2020 : Grizzly Rose: Denver, CO
11/26/2020 : Grizzly Rose: Denver, CO
11/27/2020 : Grizzly Rose: Denver, CO
11/28/2020 : Grizzly Rose: Denver, CO
11/29/2020 : Grizzly Rose: Denver, CO
02/13/2021 : Elks Lodge: Rushville, IN