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Have you ever wanted to clone yourself because it seems there are more tasks than time to do them? Imagine being the member of more than one band, rehearsing, writing songs for others, writing songs for more than one genre, touring, filming, scheduling interviews, managing your household, maintaining your family and relationships, participating in meetings, and still being able to eat and sleep.  That is exactly what Paul Laine does. 

During our conversation via Skype, Laine and I shared a lot of laughs as we joked about him needing to clone himself. Though he explained how is able to accomplish everything on his schedule, he shared that he has does not really have time to take for himself. While this may work for him, I know that many could not handle the stress of being an extremely talented and sought after musician with little time to relax.

As we continued our conversation, Laine and I spoke about High School Band. Without hesitation, Laine immediately grabbed his nearby trumpet and began to play a quick few notes. It was when he asked me what I played in the school band that our conversation became filled with a lot of laughter and jokes. I am still proud to this day of the instrument I learned to play and the group I shared many memorable moments with under the direction of Mr. Zigmant Kanstul. Those were the proudest moments of my High School career.

All Joking aside, Laine shared some great experiences from his career. From mistakes made to the reality of the way one thinks early on in their career, I was captivated to learn so much more. Laine is not afraid to lay it all on the line. Remaining true to who he is as an artist, Laine has been able to give some helpful and real advice to those who are wanting to follow the same path into the most brutal industry in the world. Please watch our full conversation now and get to know the man behind the addicting vocals and lyric genius. 

The brilliance within Laine is simply fascinating and I could listen to him sing, play, or simply speak all day. His personality shines through each conversation and performance, leaving his audience lusting for more. To get a taste of what Laine has to offer, follow him on social media now. Share his pages with your friends and get ready to rock out to some of the most amazing tunes you have heard. Be sure to crank up the volume and roll the car windows down as you will soon be in for the ride of your life. ~Missy 


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