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If you have ever tuned into one of our live interviews, you know that they are usually full of laughter and fun as well as great fan moments. My Facebook Live interview with Riley Smith via Skype was no different. 

When I began my research on Smith for his self-titled debut EP, I knew that he was also an actor. What I did not realize was the number of films and television series he had been a part of. As a Disney Channel mom, I knew that he had been in the movie Motocrossed, however, searching his IMDb left me speechless. How was I going to be able to pick which part of his acting career to talk about?

I decided that I needed to keep this interview as authentic an unscripted as normal, so I simply scrolled through his filmography in awe. Thankfully, Smith was easy to talk to and had no problem sharing his work with all of us. Though some of his stories made me laugh, while others may have been slightly embarrassing for him to talk about, Smith had no problem sharing his experiences with everyone complete with a radiant smile and contagious laugh. 

With his amazing personality and fantastic connection with fans, Smith has been able to achieve great success while remaining humble, appreciative, grateful, and kind. Staying true to himself and remaining positive when one door closes, Smith has been able to make the most of each experience and has watched as new doors have then opened for him.

As many of you know and are quite possibly disappointed with the show Frequency not being renewed, Smith has taken this situation and used it to his advantage. Having been placed in a waiting period and unable to secure another acting job until the word was final on the show's fate, Smith decided to focus on his music. That decision led to the successful release of his debut EP and subsequent music video for the single "I'm On Fire". Had the door not closed on one project, this one may not have seen the light so soon if at all. 

I continue to be intrigued, inspired, and entertained by this incredibly gifted artist. He has provided 20 years of entertainment for fans and still has so much more to show them all. His generous heart will soon be taking him to the UK to perform at a benefit show for cancer called One More Shot. He will be playing his new music and will no doubt leave you wanting more. If you are lucky enough to go, you have to tell him I sent you. 

I could go on and on about the fascinating career of Smith as well as the fun moments we shared, but it would be best if you watched for yourself. Discover the item he promised to give to his mother, hear him tell the story about what part he auditioned for that landed him a movie he will never forget and few know about, and so much more by watching our full conversation now. ~Missy



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