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Following my Facebook Live interview with Gunnar Nelson via Skype last week, Center Stage Magazine was invited to attend the Ricky Nelson Remembered concert at the City Winery in Nashville, Tennessee.

I was not sure what to expect from these "Twin Brother Rockstars" as they performed hits by their father Ricky Nelson. The music of Ricky Nelson alone generated a frenzy among female fans of all ages and also landed him the coined phrase "Teen Idol". Quickly becoming "The Prince of Rock n' Roll", Ricky Nelson would become a name that will live on in music history for decades to come. 

Having only known a career in the entertainment industry, Ricky Nelson was able to share his gift with his children. Twin brothers Matthew and Gunnar took to music at a very young age, and as we saw in a video during their performance, sure knew how to rock their Huggies. With music in their blood, Matthew and Gunnar have been blessed to have continued the family business which has also earned the Nelson family a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

With the loss of their father and best friend to a tragic plane crash at the age of 45, Matthew and Gunnar have experienced life in ways that many of us will never know. Thankful they have a lot of footage of their father from his time in the series, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Matthew explained that he has been able to share these episodes with his own son, keeping the memory of his family very much alive. 

Each and every fan in that room felt close to the Nelson family. I watched as memories flooded many of the women at our table, causing them to shed the most beautiful tears. Watching them cheer as Matthew and Gunnar shared family memories, sang their favorite Ricky Nelson song, and even cracked jokes, was spectacular. Fans were filled with euphoria. The entire venue was immersed in emotion and love for the man that stole their hearts so many years ago as a young boy with a beautiful smile and heartwarming personality. 

Though Matthew and Gunnar Nelson are talented in their own right, putting on this special show in honor of their best friend and father singing Ricky Nelson songs is simply remarkable and speaks volumes as to the amount of love they have for the man who shaped their life. There is no doubt in my mind that Ricky was there with us all. From his early hits like "Travelin' Man" to the song that once again changed it all, "Garden Party", Matthew and Gunnar made their father proud. They made us all proud. 

I have never been more impressed by these two rock stars. Matthew and Gunnar Nelson have not only honored their father, they have honored the entire music industry along with their family, friends, and fans. Mastering the art of taking selfies, Gunnar made sure every fan left with a great photo. We captured some very happy moments with adoring fans Patti Clark, Jada Harner and her 77-year-old mother and super fan Jean Miner.

If you have not yet been to their show Ricky Nelson Remembered, I encourage you all to attend the next one. They will be taking this show to California very soon, so make sure you do not miss out on this beautiful opportunity to reconnect with the legendary "Prince of Rock n' Roll". I promise you will leave with a whole new respect for the most successful family in the entertainment industry, the Nelson family. ~Missy


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