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As we bring you our very last artist in our Tap Into Indie Series, I would like to thank you all for tuning in. These artists have all worked so hard to bring you great music and entertainment. Each of them unique, each of them incredibly talented, and each of them appreciative of their fans. Heart Songs Records and Center Stage Magazine would also like to thank Alley Taps for hosting our Independent Artist Showcase during CMA Fest 2017.  Our very last artist to perform at this special event was Song Suffragette, Lacy Cavalier.

You can say that we successfully went out with a bang. Cavalier brought us a stunning performance to close with and we could not have been happier or more excited. As a last minute addition to our roster, Cavalier added the perfect finish to this showcase. Making time during her very busy performance schedule to accommodate our event speaks volumes as to the kind of person and artist that she is.

As I watched her on stage, I could not help but feel connected to her. I admire her level of honesty with her audience. Whether it is heartbreak or craving a "#1" off the Chic-Fil-A menu, Cavalier is very candid and outspoken with her audience. Sharing laughter, deep and emotional lyrics, triumph, and tribulations are what make Cavalier such a genuine soul that the fans cannot get enough of. Her beauty, fun loving, and free spirit play a part in that as well. Not taking herself too seriously and putting herself out there for all to see, is what made me connect with her immediately.

After her sensational performance, Cavalier and I headed backstage for a great conversation. Her drive and overall positive attitude were quite infectious. Everyone there seemed to smile in her presence. I told her that watching her family watch her on stage was fantastic. Her mom was so proud and that was something I will not soon forget.  Cavalier beamed with excitement as she spoke about her loving and supportive family. It was easy to see that she has had an infinite amount of support and encouragement from them. 

As Cavalier and I continued to speak, we laughed as she described the making of her song "Closed On Sunday". Though she wanted to write about Chic-Fil-A, she was told the song needed more depth. The song did, in fact, turn out beautiful. We laughed as we shared stories about writing jingles for other companies and how those turned out.

I cannot say enough about this talented young female vocalist. Watch her videos and get to know her if you have not yet done so. This girl is on fire and the world needs to be ready. It will not be long before she is selling out stadiums everywhere. Follow her on social media, grab her latest EP Savin' Pennies, Payin' Dues now. You will be so glad you did. Do not forget to share this gem with your friends. They will thank you for it. ~Missy


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