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Our next Tap Into Indie Series artist, signed to Heart Songs Records, is the quiet and seemingly shy Jake Arch. Underneath his ballcap is a colorful, vibrant, and gifted vocalist. 

When I first met Arch, I was awed by his polite manners. To some, that may not be important but to me it is huge. Bringing my three children along to Alley taps where we were hosting our very first Independent Artist Showcase with our partners Heart Songs Corporation, I was a little nervous. Arch quickly took to my kids and treated them with extreme kindness. Knowing how much that also meant to my daughter, Arch left a positive lasting impression on us all. 

Not long after we met, Arch and I posed for a Snapchat photo that he sent to his friend and fellow artist Tyler Rich. We laughed and had a good time. I knew at that moment that we would have a great time during our conversation together backstage. I was right. We did.

Being in Nashville, one can imagine the level of talent that surrounds you in this vibrant "music city". For artists, the support and collaboration opportunities are unlike anything I have ever seen. Artists support other artists here. There is no competition. Everyone here seems to lend a hand, their talent when needed, and contacts they may have to help their fellow artists/friends. Arch and I spoke about exactly that and what it means to be a part of it all.

With his latest single "On a Tailgate", Arch is definitely on the path to success. Working with folks like Simon Reed Music and Taylor Phillips ("Hurricane" by Luke Combs) have no doubt had a part in the success that Arch is already experiencing. Combine that with his genuine love for making fans happy, and there you go. Arch is on his way to the top one song and one performance at a time. 

For more on this fantastic singer, please follow Arch on social media and stay tuned to all he has coming up. You will not want to miss out. ~Missy


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