Camp Lejeune, North Carolina Kicks Off Base*FEST Live with Brett Young and Lifehouse

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As a journalist, being invited to attend and cover any event is always an honor.  However, when the event is the inaugural Base*FEST Live on the Fourth of July at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, the excitement is unexplainable.

USAA teamed up with TTF Entertainment (To The Fallen Entertainment) to create Base*FEST, which is designed to bring the music festival experience to the military community through live events, programming, and memorable performances.  TTF Entertainment will take Base*FEST, an on-base experience, to our nation’s military and their families around the world.  Working with USAA, TTF Entertainment will create multiple events for military installations and endeavor to expand to multi-day events.

TTF Entertainment is the world’s only 100% military-focused, veteran-founded live event company.  Started by former Army officer and US diplomat, Sean Gilfilan in 2010. TTF Entertainment is focused on providing live event services to military installations worldwide.  For more information about TTF Entertainment, visit

The USAA family of companies provides insurance, banking, investments, retirement products and advice to 12 million current and former members of the U.S. Military and their families.

The first event, which was held this week on July 4th, was the perfect way to kick off this new partnership and set the bar extremely high for all those to follow.

Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, which was built in 1941, is home to over 47,000 Marines and Sailors from around the world and their families.  The pride in this country and the reason they do what they do, was on display everywhere you looked, from clothing to hats, face paint to beer can koozies, American Flags being waved and families gathered together to celebrate the 241st birthday of this country.  There were food vendors of every kind you can think of and USAA supplied everyone with a water bottle, your choice of red, white or blue.  Additionally, there were interactive exhibits, including a Next Level Challenge, testing your ability and rapid response against others.

The artists that signed on for this event were absolutely outstanding with DJ Spin Doc, Temecula Road, a country trio group from California, Muddy Magnolias, a rock duo from Nashville, followed by Chord Overstreet, a Nashville native, who you will recognize as his character, Sam, from Glee.  Closing out the entertainment for the evening was country music sensation, Brett Young and the headliner was the multi-platinum artist, Lifehouse

Watch my interview with Brian Eaton, Director of Sponsorships and Events at USAA, as we discussed how USAA decided to get involved and why this event means so much to them. 

Stay tuned and make sure you follow USAA as well as Base*FEST Live for all upcoming events.  They are all free and open to the public as well, so get out and support the service men and women of this country. 



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