Tap Into Indie: Juliana Hale

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Meet our first artist in our Tap Into Indie series. Juliana Hale is a vibrant young artist who recently graduated high school and is taking the music world by storm.

Her voice, looks, stage presence, and fun personality are all equally stunning. What I found most interesting is her strength. I know from experience how difficult medical challenges can be but as a singer, I cannot imagine what it was like for Hale to deal with these setbacks vocally. Watch our full conversation now to learn more about Hale and what she has been able to overcome.

Kylie Mac and I definitely had a lot of fun talking with Hale about her music career and more. We even had country artist Luke Caccetta chime in during our conversation. You do not want to miss the fun, so be sure to watch it all till the end. For more on Hale, please visit her website and social media. For now, here is a little background information on her taken from her Facebook Bio:

"My name is Juliana Hale. Since the age of 7, when I put my hands on the strings of my first guitar, that creative passion was released inside me. By age 8 I started writing songs and playing them for my family. Usually, my mom was the only one who would listen, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to share my music with someone and touch their heart. 

I began searching out opportunities where I could sing and play. This included local talent shows and community events. Anytime I could get on a stage I was there! Music was pretty much all I thought about.

By age 10 I was sure I was ready to go rock the world with the songs I had written and composed. But of course I had a lot to learn and a path to follow in order to get there. I am super blessed because I have a family that believed in my passion. I have since realized that not every kid with a dream has a family that will pack up and move across the country so you can live in a city filled with other people who share your passion. But that is just what my family did. In 2010 we packed up our lives in Southern California and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and that is where my musical journey really took flight.

Within a couple months of moving to Nashville, God placed in my life a wonderful mentor and a beautiful soul, Shelly Rann. Shelly is a talented singer songwriter, who shared my passion and understood my drive. She took me under her wing and helped me learn how to fly. She shared her local stages with me when she was playing, she brought me into her studio and let me record my first song, and she and her husband Howard Mayberry believed in me. It was pretty amazing to have another musician show me I could really touch my dreams.

My freshman year of high school I recorded my first EP with Shelly and Howie. It was called “Dance in the Rain”. It was a blast to do. I learned a ton and needless to say it was a dream come true. I got to see my songs, my babies, come to life with talented musicians playing along and with Shelly on background vocals. I got to taste what it would feel like to share my music with the world. I thought I was on my way, but God had a different plan....

~Juliana Hale"


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