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If you are craving music from a band that cannot be placed into one specific genre of music, you need to check out Seattle-based band Vespera. Metal fans, rock fans, and fans of all around great music with fantastic lyrics will love this band. 

I recently had the opportunity to speak with lead vocalist Jonathan Wolfe. I wanted to get familiar with the band's music before our conversation, so I scoured their social media to learn more about them. I was immediately impressed with their interaction with their fans. It was at that moment I saw their video for their first single "Bloom". 

The overall feel in this video is deep. It is emotional and grabs your attention quickly. Wanting to get involved with the story within the lyrics, I watched the video with a great deal of focus on the details. Then it hit me. This band, this singer, this music cannot be defined by one category of music. It satisfied so many musical cravings, however, it created a desire and yearning to hear more. This band is mysterious. You get a glimpse of what they can do, but you have no idea where they are going to go, which path they are going to take next, and what part of the story is ahead. The feeling I had was reminiscent of watching a great cliffhanger, making you eager to find out where the story goes next. Is there going to be more rock? Will there be more of a progressive metal sound? Will there be some pop? Will there be an emotional ballad along the way? I, like every other fan, am patiently staying tuned for more.

Wolfe discussed many things with me. From music videos to plans for releasing a new song every month, fans can expect some amazing surprises from this hands-down kick-ass band. Vespera is sure to offer something great to every music lover, all while staying true to their vision and themselves as artists. I am beyond excited to hear the next release. Be sure to watch our full conversation to learn more about Vespera and what they have coming up.

Please take a moment to follow this band on social media now. Send them a shout out and share their music on your page. Tell them I sent you. These guys are just getting started and the fans are already thirsting for more. ~Missy


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