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Nestled in the beautiful town of Bon Aqua, Tennessee, lies the Storytellers Museum. Once belonging to legendary music icon Johnny Cash, this recently renovated and fully restored building is now a museum paying tribute to Cash. Among the impressive collection of items on display, you will often see Mark Alan Cash performing on the very stage that his uncle played on years ago.

An artist in his own right, Mark has been writing and performing songs for many years like his uncle and also his father Tommy Cash. It is safe to say that music is in the "Cash" blood. There have been many performers that have come and gone through the years, yet there are only a few that have left behind a legacy that is bigger than the fame they had while they were alive. Of those few artists is Johhny Cash. 

Though fans may first attend the museum to pay tribute to the artist they love and adore, they soon find that the "Cash" name has brought them even more exquisite talent to listen to. As a regular performer at Storytellers, Mark Alan Cash has been entertaining countless fans with his extraordinary vocal ability that often resembles the baritone in Johnny's voice. 

Equally as talented as his uncle, Mark has become his own artist. Sharing stories of conversations he once had with his uncle Johhny, one can imagine how hard it must have been at times to follow those footsteps. The conversations he recalls have led to the penning of the brilliant song appropriately titled "Uncle Johnny". When listening to Mark sing, it is easy to hear the amount of passion he carries within him. 

Having the opportunity to speak with him about his music and his life was a moment I will never forget. I could have spoken to him all day. The stories he shared about his childhood with Carl Perkins, Robert Duvall, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Larry Gatlin, and more had me cracking up with laughter. He even shared a spectacular story that involved Chris Christopherson and a crazy landing with a helicopter.  You just cannot make this stuff up. 

Do yourself a favor and watch our video now. Download his latest release Still Standing featuring the tribute song to his uncle titled "Uncle Johnny". Be sure to follow Mark Alan Cash on social media now, and stay tuned for more from this extremely talented family. ~Missy



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