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Catching up with an artist you have laughed with, in the past, makes for an exciting time. I could not wait for our video conversation via Skype. From the start of our conversation, Allison Iraheta and Matthew Hager of Halo Circus were smiling and ready to talk about their newest project.

After the success of Bunny, Iraheta explained that this new release The East Lansing Sessions was very different. As you can imagine, the thought of changing things up on fans had to be terrifying. Explaining the fears they had making this change was simply beautiful. Hearing the emotion in the tone of her voice, it was clear that Iraheta was letting everyone into her world and her feelings. Her honesty has captivated fans from the beginning. That is definitely something to be admired and respected. Being true to fans, other artists, friends, and yourself is not always easy. Iraheta has done a superb job.

In between stories and laughter, I asked each of Iraheta and Hager how they are able to find balance in their life with the heavy burden of a musical career and all it entails. Their answer, brilliant. Watch our full video now to understand why you need to hear it from them. 

One of the things that had me very excited was their decision to offer fans the most intimate and unique interaction experiences with them. From Skype sessions to personalised lyrics and songs, Iraheta and Hager have created the personal inclusion that fans greatly desire. Think about it. Would you not love the opportunity to have a Skype session with your favorite actor? I think many of us would. For Iraheta and Hager, connecting with the fans is a top priority. They genuinely appreciate and care for each of them. This is why I love these people, artists, and friends.

Being that I can never write enough positive things about these two, I will leave it at that. Go grab their latest EP The East Lansing Sessions now, and remember to follow them on all social media. Stay tuned to their website for their latest tour dates and enjoy our fun conversation now. ~Missy 



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