CSM Take Over Continues with Charissa Nicole: Allison Iraheta + Halo Circus

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Charissa Nicole continues the Center Stage Magazine Take Over with Allison Iraheta + Halo Circus. While on their Crowdfunded tour, Halo Circus has been bringing an unforgettable and intimate concert experience to their fans from city to city.

Halo Circus, which features Iraheta on lead vocals, has been lighting the stage on fire at each of their energy filled, enthralling performances. We caught up with Halo Circus recently during their visit to Nashville, TN. Playing to a completely packed audience at The Basement, Halo Circus showed everyone a seriously good time.

The level of talent between these amazing musicians left the fans screaming for more. Their ability to reach fans on all levels is exciting and a thrill to watch. Iraheta cranks out powerful vocals to songs such as “Can’t Take You Away from Me.” When asked by Nicole what was behind the deep and emotional lyrics of the song, the response was shocking and comical yet very sad.

Their story is a brilliant one. Through heritage and life struggle along with hard work and perseverance, Halo Circus is on a unique path to extreme success. Utilizing the Crowdfunded campaign, they have been able to bring their music to many fans from the West Coast to the East Coast. Promising to bring themselves to your city for a mere $600.00 has enticed many. Imagine the possibilities and experiences that await you for such a small amount of money.

Halo Circus not only brings with them a high energy performance, they bring laughter and smiles as they embrace their inner comedian and show love for everyone they meet due to their giant hearts. From group hugs to silly giggles and joyful story-telling, this group of artists is sure to make each of you feel right at home.

Celebrating their new album release Bunny, Halo Circus wowed the crowd by performing all their new songs. Stemming from their upbringing and heritage, Bunny promises to be an album that fans can easily relate to. Having raw and emotional content within the lyrics of each song, Halo Circus has proven that they stay true to who they are and their commitment to fans is undying.

For all the silliness that ensued during this animated interview, please watch it now. Nicole and Iraheta + Halo Circus (bassist Matthew Hager, guitarist Brian Stead, and drummer Matteo Eyia) shared some fun, loveable and very goofy moments together after the show. Discover who in the band is the messiest and weirdest along with which member has a unique connection to our very own Take-Over host. Do not forget to follow them on all social media and check out the pictures from their show. ~Missy


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