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3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the best venues in Music City. Hosting many legendary performers as well as up and coming artists, fans are always in for a great time at this iconic location. It is there that I met extraordinary singer/songwriter, Seth Cook. 

Though his boyish good looks and charming smile draw you in, it is his personality and amazing talent that retain your attention. As soon as his stage presence gets ahold of you, you will remain in its clutches for life. Cook had the entire audience eating out of his palms. Creating desire and making his fans want more is no doubt a huge part of Cook's success.

If that were not enough, Cook dives right into social media and gives his fans even more. This artist is truly special and is in this business for all the right reasons. He is committed to entertaining his fans while working hard to keep building everything from the ground up.

During our conversation, Cook explained that anyone who wants to be in this business can be successful if they are serious and willing to work hard. Encouraging others to find their path and stay the course is the exact example we often talk about amongst "Tennesseans". People helping people is a common theme in this town. 

Knowing that Cook has been involved in music almost his entire life, it came as no surprise that he has worked with country music legend Vince Gill. Yes, there is that name again. Gill has been one of if not the most encouraging artist towards new and independent artists today. Watch our full conversation now for even more.

Stay tuned to his website for information on his latest projects, new releases, and more. Please remember to follow Cook on social media, send him a shout out, snap chat him, download his latest EP Me Without You, and leave a fun comment for him below. ~Missy


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