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Nashville is full of incredible talent. Luckily, I have been able to speak to many artists about their career, life, love, friendships, and more. Some of these conversations have been filled with everything from our love of food to music, faith, inspirations, and desires. When speaking to Jordyn Mallory, we were able to add bargain shopping to the growing list of topics we like to cover.

Surviving the rain with her fantastic umbrella, Mallory walked into Alley Taps with a smile on her face, ready to sit and chat with me about her new music. I could not help but feel as though I took the easy way out, as I blamed the rain for being the reason I could not style my hair. In reality, I was frankly not in the mood to do it. 

As you will see in our video, Mallory was simply stunning and happy. Our conversation took us down many paths but hearing her story on her latest single "I Found Faith and Tim", was heartwarming. We all have someone in life that has influenced or inspired us. Listening to Mallory explain how Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have inspired her was beautiful. Because of her life story, Mallory was able to get a great song inspired by both Hill and McGraw. Without having any expectations for the song, Mallory shared with us that Hill and McGraw have both heard the song and that she received a priceless email regarding it. I quickly told her she needs to frame that email and display it. That is one of those moments in life that you never expect and can never duplicate.

We continued our conversation with things that Mallory has coming up. I am not at all jealous that she is going to Key West, Florida to participate in the Songwriter's Festival. As always, I brought our conversation to the topic of food. She was quick to share her love of crepes and also recommended a quaint little coffee shack called "Cuban Coffee Queen". For anyone who has not yet been to Key West, I encourage you to plan your trip during this festival and visit the coffee shack and crepe place. 

I could sit and talk to Mallory for hours. She is so much fun and is easy to relate to. She is silly and loves to keep things real for fans. Like me, I know many of you appreciate when an artist stays true to who they are and treats fans like they are friends. Follow Mallory on social media now, and stay tuned to all she has coming up. Remember to watch our fun video and comment if you have experienced any of the places we talk about. We would love to hear from you. ~Missy


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