Conversations with Missy: Mary Sarah at Nashville Elvis Festival

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During the 2016 CMA Festival, I met Mary Sarah from Season 10 of The Voice. Sarah landed a spot on Team Blake and continued to blow fans away with her stellar performances. 

Though some may think that being a contestant on the popular TV show is how she got her start, the truth is that she has been singing professionally since she was 12 years old. Sarah explained that her time on The Voice was just another part of her journey during our recent conversation. Her experience as a contestant on The Voice, however, has led to her continued growth as an artist, and has helped her gain many new fans.

We shared a lot of laughs during our discussion, as we were both attending the first annual Nashville Elvis Festival and were completely unaware of what these types of events actually entail. I am pretty sure we were both just amazed at how incredible each of the Elvis Tribute Artists were along with the fans that were there to support them. This experience was a first for each of us, and I believe we are both hooked. 

One of the things that I love most about Sarah is her honesty. She has continued to remain true to who she is, and she is bringing fans with her on her journey. From relationships, to self discovery, and beyond, Sarah is not holding anything back. As you will see in our conversation, we discuss the importance of finding yourself and being who you want to be.

We also discussed fears. Sarah is very positive and shares that fear is written in the bible 365 times and serves as a reminder not to be afraid. Thinking about the connection is a pretty remarkable revelation. I loved hearing her say that, but as a human being I had to immediately admit that I am very fearful of spiders. Watch our full conversation now to hear why, and be sure to send some prayers and good thoughts to Meghan Linsey, as she recently suffered a very horrifying spider bite. 

Stay tuned for more from this fun loving, very outgoing, and powerful female artist. She has a lot of cool new stuff in store for her fans, including a new music video, new single "Without You", and lyric video. This girl is always busy, so chances are you will be able to see her perform near you soon. Remember to follow her on social media and download some of her fantastic tunes. Now, watch our full conversation and send us a message in the comments below. ~Missy



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